Signature Bank Launches 48-Hour Conditional Loan Approval Program

Good News for Businesses Wanting a Loan Approval Quickly

Signature Bank, the only community bank headquartered in Sandy Springs, launched what promises to be a popular new program on April 3rd designed to take the loan approval process for businesses to a refreshingly, quick-response-time standard.  

The 48-Hour Conditional Loan Approval Program is available for business loans up to $500,000*.  For businesses with a minimum of two years of verifiable operations, this can create a totally new lending experience and allow them to quickly act on profitable opportunities that have typically taken months from beginning to close.  

"With this program, the goal is to take the frustration out of the initial approval process. This allows our clients to act on profitable opportunities, quickly."

Freddie Deutsch, President & CEO

Freddie Deutsch, Signature Bank President & CEO, is excited about what this will mean in the professional, entrepreneurial lending industry for Signature Bank clients. "One of the greatest areas of frustration I've witnessed over the years from clients is the amount of time it can take to get approval for a loan. Competitors I'm familiar with are notorious for requiring layers of approval, consuming weeks of valuable time. The process we've launched can now return a conditional approval within 48 hours upon receipt of required information, so then we can quickly get to the business of finalizing the financing solution.  This enables the business owner to get back to doing what they do best, running their business.  This fits in beautifully with our boutique-style business model of delivering truly individualistic solutions in record time. And the best part?  The decisions are made right here in Sandy Springs."

This is a great opportunity for anyone considering the acquisition of a new building, purchase of equipment, refinance of existing debt or short term working capital needs.  These are just a few examples of loan purposes this program is geared toward accommodating. Full details about the 48-Hour Conditional Loan Approval Program can be found on Signature Bank's website at, search for: 48 Hour Conditional Approval.  Contact us at 404-800-4941 or email

*Subject to underwriting and credit approval.  Fees and charges apply.  Offer available only to businesses with a minimum of two years of verifiable operations and no affiliates.  A minimum of one year of business tax returns and interim financial statements, one year of personal guarantor(s) tax return and current personal financial statements (bank form) are required.

Source: Signature Bank


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